Hacienda San Nicolás


Accessible bedroom suite

Tierra is a large bedroom suite, situated on the ground floor of the hacienda. It has a wide, wooden  door, with a ramp entrance from the outside pasillo. It is connected with the indoor pasillo by two doors, giving an entrance over 39 inches/100 cm wide.

This suite is suitable for up to two adults. it is normally equipped with a king-sized platform bed, with height adjustment, when required. Bedside lights, switches  and power outlets are at suitable heights for someone in a wheelchair. There is a bench matched to wheelchair height, for simpler transfer into and out of a wheelchair. The bathroom entrance is 39 inches/100 cm wide and allows access to a toilet, wash basin and shower.

Wall tiles are talavera style, from Dolores Hidalgo. Floor tiles in the shower are glazed barro, from San Felipe. Floor tiles, outside the shower, are cantera from Morelia. The floors have electrical heating.


Ground floor location

Thr Tierra suite is located on the ground floor, near to the restaurant. It sees the sun in the morning and has two wide, full-length French-style windows and a wide, entrance to the outside pasillo, with a ramp. The inside pasillo, which leads to the courtyard, is at the same level as the suite floor.


Wide entrance ramp

A king-size bed is standard, with space on each side. The bed has a wall-mounted hand rail on one side. Bed height can be adjusted as required.


Sitting area

The sitting area has a padded bench at wheelchair height, with hand rails at each side for easier transfer. A coffee/dining table can be positioned for use from the bench or from a chair.


Tierra bathroom

Washbasin countertop is  30 inches/76 cm above the floor. The tiles of the bathroom entrance and floor are level with the outer room and the shower. The mirror is tilted to allow for viewing from a wheelchair. The washbasin tap is located to one side, to allow easier access. The sink drain is low profile, to allow space beneath the countertop.


Shower entrance

Shower entrance is 59 inches/150  cm wide, with an L-shaped polished concrete bench. The seating surface is designed to be non-slip without being abrasive.

The bench is 22 inches/57 cm high, from the shower floor. Shower controls are on the back wall.


Shower transfer seat

The shower controls have an overhead shower head attached to the wall and a flexible, adjustable  hose which can attach to a grab bar or be hand-held. Safety grab bars are attached to the back and side walls, to allow easy transfer from a wheelchair.


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